May 15, 2012

Random and random Musings of Eden

(This post is all over the place...I had 9 hours of sleep last night and I have no idea what to do with all this energy! My thoughts are going 10 times faster than they usually do!)

First, a song. I know, I know, I usually end with one, but it's a happy song...interesting video, but a happy song.

Moving on.

Anyone who has been with me in the past year knows that I have been having a hard time staying awake. I'm just tired all the time and this is a recent trait that has plagued me throughout my sophomore year of college. It seemed every movie I saw, I fell asleep in.

And anyone who knows me knows that I cannot make decisions / sometimes incoherent when I am awoken / tired. (As also evident here, in the tale of my lost wallet.) People have funny tales of my late night responses to their midnight texts and phone calls.

I went to see "The Artist." I am utterly obsessed. It was the greatest film I have ever seen. And it rightfully won 5 Academy Awards.

I went to a late night showing of "The Avengers" and while I love me some superhero action, I fell asleep during the last battle in the end. I awoke to find New York and the Stark towers in shambles. Dang it. I missed the action. The credits began to roll and I checked my phone. The following tweets added to the superhero-ness of the night.
"@AP: Man jumps into vat of waist-high acid to save co-worker on roofing crew."
Can someone say The Joker?
"@AP: BREAKING: Santorum endorses Romney, says 'above all else' they agree that Obama must be defeated."
......."The Avengers 2" anyone?

Anyway, I had a dream the other night and I tried to write lyrics out of it, but I got a poem instead.

By Eden Wen
Last night I dreamt I was free and flying
It was so great, I found myself crying
I soared above the vast canopy of trees
As I did some loop-de-loops for the world to see

Then the gray storm clouds gathered
And the rain began to fall
My wings were failing me
I was in awe

I tumbled and trembled
And fell through the clouds
I feared for my life
I screamed out loud

So I took a breath and shut my eyes
And when I opened them, I realized
That I was no longer sleeping but wide-awake
And the feelings I felt were real, not fake

My fear of falling from greater heights
My fear of falling from others’ sights
My fear of sinking after being so high
My fear of failure after I try

But I know what you’d say,
It pays off some day
It’s after you try
When you can finally fly

But I’d rather be grounded
And wonder, “What if”
Than have to look back
And exclaim, “I miss”
Written on 05/13/12

I love you all.

And what the hey.

Here's a song to end this post.

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