March 26, 2012

Hello. It's been a while.

Hey there. Remember me? It's Eden. I promised I would write every week...I'm sorry I haven't. I also said that I would stop apologizing for not writing. Sorry that I did it again. And to motivate myself to write and you to continue to read, here are the next two topics that I will post about: my intrigue list (LMFAO, the duo, is number one) and people who laugh at everything I say.

But here's what has happened since I wrote last.

Audio-Files. (
Audio-Files is a new television series that highlights up-and-coming independent bands across the country (and many come from Provo). This is the new account that I am working on with my PR lab. I am having so much fun working with this client, mainly because it deals with music. Like it on Facebook.
Thank you Imagine Dragons. (Acoustic version of "It's Time.")
If you're in Provo this Thursday, there is a free showing of Audio-Files' first episode. It's free, but you need to register for seats. Do it. I'll be there.

Speaking of Imagine Dragons, they are from Las Vegas. Guess where I went St. Patrick's Day weekend? I went to Vegas with my Nicolle and my Camille. It was exciting and new. I learned very fast not to look at the ground. Unfortunately, no one told the little seven-year-old who was there with his family. He picked up the cards like they were pennies and collected them like they were Pokemon. I'm never bringing my kids to Vegas.