May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby.

First, a joke.

Two communists were sitting naked on a porch. One turned to the other and asked, "Have you read Marx?" The second communist said, "Yes, I think it's these wicker chairs."

Rimshot. Haha..hahahaha..ha..ha..A grand thank you to Mackenzie for sharing this joke with me.

Second, The Great Gatsby trailer. 

I am absolutely stoked for this movie. 

I've been reading a lot of criticisms of the trailer alone, and I have to disagree with every negative point made about it. in the result of the fusion of Baz Luhrmann and The Great Gatsby. One greatness. It is as if the gods of cinematography shifted the stars around just to make sure Luhrmann would create a beautiful film about the glamorous 20's. The trailer conveys a similar atmosphere that Moulin Rouge had; this is Luhrmann's signature. Both eras were intriguing eras. (And is it me, or does Tom Buchanan remind you a lot of the Duke from Moulin Rouge?)

May 15, 2012

Random and random Musings of Eden

(This post is all over the place...I had 9 hours of sleep last night and I have no idea what to do with all this energy! My thoughts are going 10 times faster than they usually do!)

First, a song. I know, I know, I usually end with one, but it's a happy song...interesting video, but a happy song.

Moving on.

Anyone who has been with me in the past year knows that I have been having a hard time staying awake. I'm just tired all the time and this is a recent trait that has plagued me throughout my sophomore year of college. It seemed every movie I saw, I fell asleep in.

And anyone who knows me knows that I cannot make decisions / sometimes incoherent when I am awoken / tired. (As also evident here, in the tale of my lost wallet.) People have funny tales of my late night responses to their midnight texts and phone calls.

I went to see "The Artist." I am utterly obsessed. It was the greatest film I have ever seen. And it rightfully won 5 Academy Awards.

May 5, 2012

Tall people.

Well, I'm home. And since I've been home, I've made more in this past week working for my dad than in two months at my minimum wage job at school. Glorious minimum wage.

I've also seen The Shins. It was wonderful.
James Mercer, Yuuki Matthews, Jessica Dobson, Richard Swift, Joe Plummer
Excellent concert. James Mercer has a beautiful voice and I love him.

New favorite. 

At the same time, I think I'm more infatuated with the bassist, Yuuki Matthews. I'm find him quite attractive. Also, Joe Plummer from Modest Mouse? Incredible. 

Anyway, I think there's something bizarre in New York's growth hormones. Everyone at the concert was at least a foot-and-a-half taller than me. During that time between the opener and The Shins--the time where people started pushing each other to get to the front--I got separated from my friends. The world's tallest couple divided us.

"I think this girl's friends are behind us," Tall Woman said. I guess she noticed me trying to communicate with Mackenzie and Aly.

"It's okay, we can see over this one," Tall Man responded.