December 13, 2011

My lost wallet.

I got a bike. That's right, I got a bike despite my fear of them.
It's a beauty, though. Purple with yellow accents. But this is not the reason for this post. 

Around 6 pm Monday, I was headed out to dinner with my anthropology class when I realized my wallet was missing. Rachel, thankfully, covered for me that night.

2:21 am Tuesday, I get a phone call. It was my one chance at sleeping in, but all I heard was my phone buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. It buzzed again because the caller left a message. I went back to sleep. 

2:25 am, buzz buzz buzz. This time, noticing that it was the same number calling, I listened to the messages.

"HeyyEden," the guy slurred. I got chills hearing my name come from an unknown person. "I have yourID. So, callmeback. xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Next message.

"Hey Eden, it'sNigel again. Um, so I don't only have your ID. I haveyourwallet. And I'm going to Hawaiiin the morning and I just can'tgo, I can'tgo, there withyour wallet. Sooocallmeback."

Chills. And a pounding headache. I was pretty creeped out. I considered calling my dad, but it would be 4 in the morning there. I logged onto Facebook and saw that Daehyeon was online. I called him and he told me to wait till the morning. I think it was because it was 2 in the morning that I thought I needed to ask someone what I should do. 

New message.

"Hey, so you'reobviouslyasleep...but call me back because I can't leave to Hawaii until I get it back to you."

I called him. And we talked. He found my wallet in the middle of the road just outside the bike shop (nice Eden..) and I told him I couldn't leave my apartment at that time. I just left it at that. I told him I would call him in the morning when we both were coherent. (There was a lot of mumbling more on his part than mine.) I felt like I didn't sleep at all when I woke up and called him around 8:30 am Tuesday and he said that he would leave my number with his brother. I said okay and thought nothing of it.

Around 5 pm, it started to hit me. I leave in a couple days and I can't get on the plane without any ID. My stomach started churning and my palms got sweaty. I called Nigel a bajillion times to get his brother's number. He didn't pick up. I panicked and called the police. read that right...

"911 Provo, what is the address of your emergency?"


"Ma'am," the dispatcher said, "ma'am, calm down. We'll have someone get in touch with you soon."

I finally decided it was probably the best time to call my family. 

"Ohohohoho," my dad...oho'd. 

My dad's "ohohoho..." is a weird sort of laugh that kinda says two things at once. 1) I'm laughing because that was a stupid funny in a "you'll look back and laugh but I'll laugh for you now" kind of way and 2) Ohhhh boy...ohhhh Eden...ohhhh Eden...

One should not confuse his oho's with his ahhah's. Those say one thing and one thing only: I think my own jokes are funny so I'm going to laugh at them. I've inherited this attitude--is that the right word?--to my own jokes...I find myself pretty darn funny sometimes.

I love you dad.

Very quickly after talking with my parents, I received a phone call from Nigel and he gave me his brother's number. Then the police called me and I sheepishly said that it was all resolved.

I'm getting my wallet back tomorrow for sure.


p.s. I DJ'd my first party last Saturday. It was the best. I think I'm going to drop out of school and DJ for the rest of my life.

p.p.s. Illia just posted this on my wall. Happy first day of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...


  1. thank heavens you weren't raped and didn't have to cancel your cards. Your father and I must meet one day=]

  2. I feel you and my dad would get along wonderfully. This meeting must happen one day!