July 9, 2012

No more wisdom.

The machine kept on beeping. What was this supposed to measure? My heart rate? I tried to find my pulse. Nice and slow, but the blue blips on the screen told me otherwise. It was up at 100 beats per minute. Good, so it's broken. If I die in the middle, no one will know. Whatever.

A bit dramatic, I know, but I was doing everything I could to keep my mind off of what was going to take place in this room. There will be blood...and drilling...

Okay, stop thinking about it.

I looked down and examined the chair I was sitting in. The faded, light turquoise chair complimented the bleach white walls. I'm sure you would find the same color combination inside a nice, quiet, secluded insane asylum where no one can hear any screaming...my screaming...

The blood pressure meter cuff started inflating, cutting off circulation in my left arm--I was onto something. They were going to get me.

I chuckled at my own attempt to ease myself.

"Alright, Eden, are you ready?"

No. No, I'm not. Nononononononononononono.


I took a deep breath and stared straight through the ceiling. I felt the needle pinch my skin and move a little as the oral surgeon taped the IV on my arm.

"Okay, now we're giving you the anesthesia."

Okay...I got this. I got this..Ighothis...whoa....

I blinked and the ceiling spun. I blinked again and the ceiling spun. I got dizzy so I stopped blinking, something that began to concern my father.

"Yuafeialaweoif?" he gargled.