June 25, 2012

Entertainment Blogging Scholarship: Community.

"Streets ahead," "you Britta'd it" and "Annie's Boobs" may seem like completely random utterances to the average un-American; to the true American--one who consumes more than 38 hours a week of video watching alone--these phrases become daily colloquialisms. Television has integrated itself into our lives and with innumerable shows bouncing off satellites, it's hard to pin a single series that has had the greatest influence on society. However, one show out-bounces the rest. NBC's "Community" has the greatest effect on American society and such a claim is backed by the same fans who are the basis for my thesis.

No other TV show today has quite the following as "Community," a series about seven students at a community college. Inevitably, with so many protagonists who each possess incredibly diverse personalities, anyone who watches can relate in one way or another to an aspect of a character, or two or all seven.

"You remind me of Ken Jeong in this new show...though it might be because you're Asian," my friend said. I watched, I was hooked and I gorged myself on the first two seasons within the first two weeks of summer 2011, a feat common to newcomers of "Community."

On a dreary November 14th last year, the Internet informed fans of even drearier news: "Community" announced a hiatus. The fans, myself included, were in an uproar. Tears were shed over the proven fact that 'hiatus' was code for 'cancelled'. Fury burned in the hearts of fans who immediately retaliated by utilizing the Internet to rally fellow cult members to save "Community."
These were only but a few examples of the efforts of the fans. Facebook pages were created, petitions drawn up, fans blogged, vlogged and commented on every page that contained the word 'community'. We were unstoppable. This show was not going to die on us.

Our efforts paid off and here we are today. "Community" has been renewed for a fourth season (which premieres on October 19th!).

But what is the appeal of "Community"? Why did it win E!'s '2012 Save One Show' campaign? 

Nested within the Greendale Seven--Jeff, Annie, Britta, Shirley, Troy, Abed and Pierce--are insecurities and desires that each American, that each human being, can relate to. Human beings encounter stereotypes based on skin, gender and age. Human beings face the unreachable expectations of parents or even from themselves. Human beings desire to change the world. Human beings want to face life and all its challenges with a companion, a best friend. Human beings chase their dreams. Human beings yearn for acceptance from other human beings.

"Community" teaches us how to cope, how to love and, essentially, how to be human in the face of every scenario imaginable. As this study group of misfits embraces one another and unveil unconditional love--even in the face of difficult character flaws--we fans gain hope that someone (or a group of someones) out there will accept us for who we are, imperfections and all.


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June 22, 2012


Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

June 14, 2012

My shallow side....

You may have seen the last couple pictures I posted/were posted on my page on Facebook.

Sometimes, I'm really confident.

Anyway...pertaining to the title (but I guess the images above also reflect that):

It is perhaps my guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. (And my parents will probably be appalled that I'm publicly announcing this...and that it's my longest post amongst my recent posts.)

My guiltiest pleasure: The Bachelorette.

June 11, 2012


So. I kinda worship Jack Donaghy.
Today, I met a woman whose first name is Lemon. Needless to say, I took advantage of every opportunity to say her name just so I can be like Jack. 

So. I guess I kinda worshipped myself today.

June 2, 2012

Blind Pilot.

Such beautiful music. 

I love you all.