June 14, 2012

My shallow side....

You may have seen the last couple pictures I posted/were posted on my page on Facebook.

Sometimes, I'm really confident.

Anyway...pertaining to the title (but I guess the images above also reflect that):

It is perhaps my guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. (And my parents will probably be appalled that I'm publicly announcing this...and that it's my longest post amongst my recent posts.)

My guiltiest pleasure: The Bachelorette.

Why? Sometimes, it's fun to know that I'm not the only awkward one when it comes to dating. HAHAHA....me...dating...Also, I kinda live vicariously through other people while I am working a job and two internships this summer. (I'm so tired alllllllllllll the time even though I get enough sleep every night. It's come down to the point where I'm getting blood work done. But do not fret. I'm probably just low on Vitamin D or iron or something.)

Also, I love Chris Harrison. However, I just found out that the beloved host of The Bachelor series divorced his wife just last month after 18 years. Sad sad day.
He also makes $60,000 per episode. 

Moving on. (And seeing as how it's a post about my shallow side, I'm posting lots of pictures for visual aids to how I assess men.)

First, I liked Ryan.
He's attractive and seemed good with the kids. Perfect for Emily and her daughter. Then he turned out to be a tool. Then he started being really attractive to me again on Week 5. But then scenes from upcoming episodes showed his growing and shaping his beard into...weirdness. It's just up and down with him, really.

He's good looking and seemed legitimately concerned with his background as a race car driver and Emily's late boyfriend/fiancee's cause of death (flying to a race). And he's good looking. When it was down to him and Alejandro, my heart started racing. I didn't want it to be Arie. (Plus, Alejandro never really made an impression. He's that character that makes frequent cameos, but there really is no need for him.)

One guy I couldn't really get into that a couple of my friends have expressed interest in is Jef.
An entrepreneur from Utah? Him and practically every other guy from there (but I shouldn't be saying anything...I might just end up building something up (like The Calendar Owl)). Also, I don't like his hair too much. Too sculpted. Also, it looks like he could be a future Jedward.

But then, again in Week 5, everything Jef said was perfect. Straight from a Nicholas Sparks novel and I caught myself smiling the whole time. I couldn't stop, not even when the date was over. Oh gosh. Jef. 

Though I personally am not attracted to Sean, I think he is a tender soul. He is someone who can make Emily happy. And Emily does deserve the best.

I could go on, but I'm tired. And in all reality, I watch The Bachelorette because I know that if I don't make it in the dating world normally, at least I have reality television on my side. 

Because true love can be found while you're dating 25 men simultaneously. 


  1. dude im addicted to the bachelorette this season!! i think itll be the first season i watch all the way through

    1. i know! it's easier to watch when the bachelorette is normal haha

  2. This is my second year of having a shallow side. Bachelorette!
    Emily = mother teresa + barbie
    Sean = Ken
    They are absolutely perfect together.

    Arie would be good for her too... but I'm rooting for Sean.
    I don't understand Ryan, sometimes it seems like he's being really sarcastic... but I just DON'T KNOW.
    I don't understand Jef either. He just seems like a teenager or something, and I can only see Emily liking him so much because she's a mom and he's someone she can take care of.

    Concerning my nephew:
    "Clinton, which one is Emily going to pick?"
    "She's gonna pick the CUPCAKE!"

    1. yeah, i just think ryan is an attractive tool haha and you're right! jef is like a teenager. maybe that was what bothered me at first.

      your nephew is adorable.