October 15, 2011

I'm alive...barely.

My friends, it's been a while. Where to begin, where to begin...

I've been really busy. When I'm not working, I'm in class. When I'm not in class, I'm at the PR lab. When I'm not in the PR lab, I'm in the Wilk eating. When I'm not in the Wilk eating, I'm at home reading Marx. When I'm not at home reading Marx, I'm in my bed sleeping with a billion thoughts running through my head.

On weekends, I make an effort to socialize. I end up internally curling up into a ball due to exhaustion from the week as I sit back and do what I do best: observe, listen and laugh.

But looking back at the calendar, here's what you missed in my life:
My article about Asians made The Student Review.
My Asian friends.
It's weird. It was like this photo was the start of something new. I met all of them (with the exception of Crystal...the one right above me) that day. And now the guy in the yellow shirt is my home teacher and the girl in the yellow shirt is my FHE mom. It's funny how the world works.

I have a newfound love for kittens. Can't you just see me snuggling up with a little kitten in my arms? Can't you?
My friend showed me this. I laughed. But it's kind of how I feel about kittens.

I found out Sunday that I'm lactose intolerant. Did you know that it is most prevalent among Asian peoples? Yeah, I found that out too. Also, it's hard to stop taking in dairy when you have been for all your life. On Thursday, I was catering with friends at a friend's friend's engagement party. They had soup shots that were to die for. I had at least fifty shots. Problem was that it was Wisconsin cheese and cauliflower. And I had at least fifty. FIFTY. I didn't feel so well, but I got paid and I got to meet and mingle with wonderful people.

There were a group of people there who had Power Ranger shirts on. They were the coolest as they are accepting me in their exclusive club and offered me a membership. I had offered to be the Yellow Ranger.
That's right, I'm popular.
I got Bradley PR labber of the week a couple weeks ago. I'm still savoring the pound of fudge and pride I received that day.

Marx has taken over my life. I'm reading him for my Anthropology class and the other day, I caught myself saying something quite Marxian. It was in a joking manner, but nevertheless, it kind of scared me.

Currently, I am in the process of creating a device that recaptures all the lost thoughts that fall through the holes of my mind. It's becoming more and more prevalent in my thought process--probably due to my lack of sleep?--and it just happened to me. I remembered something important that I had to do, but it just escaped me.....

Here is a song for you to enjoy as I close this long awaited post.
Have a beautiful day, my friends.