August 15, 2012

My life...Whaaattt!!!

I feel somewhat obligated to talk about what's been up the last couple weeks before I rant on again about music (oh no...insecurity coming you like my music posts?) and people I will never meet or write something that I actually put effort into.

Here's a little update on my life, in a very unorganized manner.

Reading: "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin. Whaaattt!!! Love it thus far. Those Russians are so romantic.

I burned my body at Coopers Beach a couple weeks ago. Whaaattt!!! I did not enjoy getting my first sunburn of this scale. It was a nice beach though. Waves were a little big, so I practically died (not really). I turned a shade of red I have never seen on myself. And it hurt, man. It hurt.

I flew a plane. Whaaattt!!! I got a little motion sick in the tiny cockpit, but it was fun and invigorating, and a lot less scarier than I thought it would instructor was sitting right next to me.
This was the plane.
This is me in the plane.
I went to Boston to visit Mel at Berklee. Whaaattt!!! I wish I played an instrument better so I could transfer there. Also, I thought I liked Boston more than New York City for a couple minutes, but then I slapped myself when I went back to the city that same week with a dear friend of mine. Boston is cool, but not as cool as NYC. Also, Boston's homeless people are scarier...they grasp onto you. (It didn't happen to me, but to the man in front of me.) And it was darker at night. (Random aside: I've also decided that I will probably live on a coast when I graduate. East or West, in the United States or in Asia. Somewhere by the water.)

August 3, 2012

Me and my Asians.

If you have been around me long enough, you know I eventually start talking about Asians, and more specifically, Asian Americans. I can't help it. It's weird that being Chinese American myself somehow wired itself into my brain so that I have a sort of OCD about my people: I have to know about all the Asian Americans making it big out there in entertainment. I have to support them in some way because...well, because there is a small number of them and the ones who have made it into the spotlight shouldn't have (ahem...William Hung...who I totally forgot about until he made a cameo appearance on an episode of "Arrested Development").

But why entertainment? Simply because we all know Asians excel in everything else and one thing lacking may or may not be bugging me...

YouTube. Great, glorious YouTube is where most of my Asians reside. I love them.

Here is one of my favorites: JRA, a Filipino from Alaska

Here is the first concert I went to: Kina Grannis, a Japanese/English mix from California

Here is one of my first YouTube loves: AJ Rafael, a Filipino from California

And all their related videos link back to one another eventually. They collaborate with one another. They're all best buds or they all know of each other. I love them all.