August 15, 2012

My life...Whaaattt!!!

I feel somewhat obligated to talk about what's been up the last couple weeks before I rant on again about music (oh no...insecurity coming you like my music posts?) and people I will never meet or write something that I actually put effort into.

Here's a little update on my life, in a very unorganized manner.

Reading: "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin. Whaaattt!!! Love it thus far. Those Russians are so romantic.

I burned my body at Coopers Beach a couple weeks ago. Whaaattt!!! I did not enjoy getting my first sunburn of this scale. It was a nice beach though. Waves were a little big, so I practically died (not really). I turned a shade of red I have never seen on myself. And it hurt, man. It hurt.

I flew a plane. Whaaattt!!! I got a little motion sick in the tiny cockpit, but it was fun and invigorating, and a lot less scarier than I thought it would instructor was sitting right next to me.
This was the plane.
This is me in the plane.
I went to Boston to visit Mel at Berklee. Whaaattt!!! I wish I played an instrument better so I could transfer there. Also, I thought I liked Boston more than New York City for a couple minutes, but then I slapped myself when I went back to the city that same week with a dear friend of mine. Boston is cool, but not as cool as NYC. Also, Boston's homeless people are scarier...they grasp onto you. (It didn't happen to me, but to the man in front of me.) And it was darker at night. (Random aside: I've also decided that I will probably live on a coast when I graduate. East or West, in the United States or in Asia. Somewhere by the water.)

The Olympics are over and  I don't know what to do with my life...except watch Shark Week! Whaaattt!!! I love summer television. (Project Runway, endless Spongebob, all my cooking shows.)

I saw Newsies on Broadway last night. Whaaattt!!! It was pretty awesome. Had a twist I never saw coming (aka it wasn't in the movie).

I am done with one internship, the other one will come to a close tonight and my job ends tomorrow. Whaaattt!!! I love finishing stuff.
It's better than this happening.
Then I'm getting wings and partying with dear Princess Kaitlin. Whaaattt!!! I love wings. (Oh gosh, do I love wings.) And Princess Kaitlin.

Then I turn 20. Whaaattt!!! I know. I feel weird. I love feeling weird. ugh....and I'm one step closer to my inevitable Chinese grandma future. But for now, just the other day, someone thought I was 15.

Then I leave for Utah. Whaaattt!!!

Then I reunite with my beautiful friends (this means YOU!) and my niece and nephew and my biikkeee!! Whaaattt!!! I LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

Also, can I just say that I went this whole summer without Netflix. It was a goal I set for myself. I almost caved, because Illia went to Disney World and I was home and bored out of my mind. Gosh, but the second I get back to Utah..."Mad Men," here I come. (You would think that I would use this whole summer to watch these, but no. I'm waiting for school so I have stress relievers and break time shows to bask in.)

And here we are. At the end of the post. And that was a lot of my summer that you just took in.

Here is a song(?) for you. Another recent update in my life...I got out of the K-Pop frenzy almost as fast I fell in. This was the song that pushed me into it (and my lack of enthusiasm to look up more pulled me back out). Admire his hip and leg work just as I did.
I hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Eden!! super cuuute :)

    "the average aging process" lol so sad

    1. haha, i know! i'm not looking forward to menopause...