December 10, 2011

Study, studyy, studyyy.....FACEBOOK

I'm sorry I haven't posted. I've decided not to have a set a day for blogging as that will get your hopes up and then I will let you all down yet again...because I know you all refresh my blog every Tuesday just for a new post. Admit it. It's what you do.
From my favorite blog, besides my own (I kid), Hyperbole and a Half.
I think I'm going to just stop apologizing for neglecting you guys. So this will be the last time.
Wait, I'll apologize now for not being consistent in the future.

Okay, now no more apologizing.

Finals. I only have two left. Score. Thank goodness for in class finals and essays. Hated doing them, but now they're over before finals week. And now I can take my sweet, sweet time taking my New Testament final and writing my anthropology essay.
I've been pretty bad at studying and writing essays though. A couple nights ago, I went to Nicol's house to study and we were planning on studying 6 pm - 12 am straight. Around 9 pm, we both got ADD and decided we wanted to watch a movie. So we called up Estelle and Jesse and we watched "He's Just Not That Into You." Ugh, Scarlett Johansson made me sick. (Christmas break UPDATE: just watched the Biography Channel's segment on Scarlett. I kept on gaining and losing and gaining respect for her again and again throughout the whole thing. Love the Biography Channel.)

Romantic comedies will be the death of me.

And Facebook. Facebook has been so entertaining lately. Thank you friends for posting awesome things.
I've tried occupying the library. There are literally no seats available. Every corner, every hallway, every elevator is inhabited by students and their books. 

But the Tanner building is completely empty. Seriously guys, study there. Or study with me. I watch movies and then pull all-nighters. It's fun.

Good luck, my friends, with your finals. If I can help you guys with anything, let me know. I am good company. And now I have a bike so I can come to you. (I'll get the brakes assembled and the tires pumped first...then I can come to you.)

Have a beautiful week, my friends. Work hard.

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