May 5, 2012

Tall people.

Well, I'm home. And since I've been home, I've made more in this past week working for my dad than in two months at my minimum wage job at school. Glorious minimum wage.

I've also seen The Shins. It was wonderful.
James Mercer, Yuuki Matthews, Jessica Dobson, Richard Swift, Joe Plummer
Excellent concert. James Mercer has a beautiful voice and I love him.

New favorite. 

At the same time, I think I'm more infatuated with the bassist, Yuuki Matthews. I'm find him quite attractive. Also, Joe Plummer from Modest Mouse? Incredible. 

Anyway, I think there's something bizarre in New York's growth hormones. Everyone at the concert was at least a foot-and-a-half taller than me. During that time between the opener and The Shins--the time where people started pushing each other to get to the front--I got separated from my friends. The world's tallest couple divided us.

"I think this girl's friends are behind us," Tall Woman said. I guess she noticed me trying to communicate with Mackenzie and Aly.

"It's okay, we can see over this one," Tall Man responded.

Tall Woman "hm'd" in agreement and they both continued to hold their bodies against mine. Wait, okay...did they assume that I would not hear them? Sure, there is a distance from their mouths to my ears, but still, harsh words, Mr. Tall Man. And for your information, I am an average height for my race.

They went on. And at random points of the concert--in between and during songs--they discussed the most random things, given the setting. For example, they talked about politics.

"Yeah, Romney can't relate to us. He's too loaded. I heard he just bought an elevator for his home car garage," Tall Woman snorted.
"Obama's totally going to rape Romney."
"Yeah, whoever votes for Romney is ----ing crazy."
"Obama's totally going to rape Romney."
"It's obvious that Obama's the favorite."
"He'll rape him."

It was a riveting conversation.

One of my favorites.

Also, I'm really not that short. They were just really, really tall...though at the same time, it seems that my closest friends are all my height so I guess I'm used to people around 5 feet tall.

Mhmm. And to close this post, here's a small comic about my life nowadays.
Back to spring cleaning and Arrested Development for me. And Jimmy Neutron.

Aaaaand here's one more song. I love you all.


  1. Lol, sounds like an adventure of comical proportions. You know how they have sneakers that turn into cheap rollerskates? They need to make a stilts version of that. It would be Soooo safe.

  2. Oh Eden I am really going to miss you this summer...

  3. For some reason, I feel like tall people are going to be the first targets during the zombie apocalypse. We short people have it made. Also, speaking of Jimmy Neutron, I just Macbeth, and the whole time all I could think of was Sheen announcing, "My lord, your wife, Lady Macbeth approaches" in funny voices.

    1. Linea, have you heard about the man who ate the face of another man down in Miami? Well, I think short people will be the ones who die first. Actually, I'm training in the gym now to move faster that way I'll just outrun everyone. Everyone.

      Also, I love Sheen.