May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby.

First, a joke.

Two communists were sitting naked on a porch. One turned to the other and asked, "Have you read Marx?" The second communist said, "Yes, I think it's these wicker chairs."

Rimshot. Haha..hahahaha..ha..ha..A grand thank you to Mackenzie for sharing this joke with me.

Second, The Great Gatsby trailer. 

I am absolutely stoked for this movie. 

I've been reading a lot of criticisms of the trailer alone, and I have to disagree with every negative point made about it. in the result of the fusion of Baz Luhrmann and The Great Gatsby. One greatness. It is as if the gods of cinematography shifted the stars around just to make sure Luhrmann would create a beautiful film about the glamorous 20's. The trailer conveys a similar atmosphere that Moulin Rouge had; this is Luhrmann's signature. Both eras were intriguing eras. (And is it me, or does Tom Buchanan remind you a lot of the Duke from Moulin Rouge?)

Two. The two songs in the trailer, though I admit, threw me off as well, but they fit perfectly into the story and the film. "Love is Blindness" is practically the theme song for the book. "No Church in the Wild" gives off the vibe of diving into the bizarre wilderness that is new and old money (not really what the song is about, but it's just the vibe). It really is a bizarre wilderness...

I do have to agree with YouTuber "route99" who commented: "Don't mind a few modern songs to appeal to a wider audience but there's no way you can do Gatsby and pretend Jazz doesn't exist. Jazz was the lifeblood of the 1920s."

Three, we all have to agree that Leo will do an exceptional job. He always does. As for Tobey, I love him for Nick, the only one I really loved in the book. There was an air of innocence that surrounded him. (Or maybe I'm confusing that with an air of bliss....that's what ignorance is, right?)


The Great Gatsby. One of the greatest classics written so beautifully by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was a favorite of mine for a while and I'm excited to see Luhrmann's interpretation. 


  1. Im so excited leo is in the great gatsby!!!

    1. leo is pretty much the greatest actor on the face of the planet!!! ahhhh!

  2. When I first heard Gatsby and DiCaprio in the same sentence I almost cried tears of joy. And then I heard Baz Luhrman and freaked. out. as this was a year ago and there is no way I can wait until Christmas for this. SO EXCIITEDD!!!!!!!

  3. I am not so excited. Whatever version I watched in high school was AMAZINGLY entertaining.
    I understand they are "jazzing" this one up for the modern audience and I can see the theatrical liberties taken with it. Personally, I will have to separate it from any of the existing versions, including the original original.
    None-the-less it shall be fun. :)

    1. I have heard others voice a similar concern about Baz Luhrman and his take on "Romeo and Juliet." And, haha, the original, though the people were just as good-looking, were too sweaty throughout for my taste hahaahah
      It shall be fun.