August 1, 2011

Worse case scenarios.

No, not a zombie apocalypse (but I will get into that recurring nightmare another time). (Oh, and can I add that I'm glad I'm not in Utah for the Annual Zombie Walk? I think I would die of a heart attack.)

I'm a thinker. Before making decisions, I like to think everything through. Oftentimes, I think too fast and miss important steps. Other times, I think myself into a hole, create implausible situations, and scare myself. For example, especially after watching "When a Stranger Calls," I start thinking of different scenarios, mainly worse case scenarios, that could happen when I babysit. 
Like getting a Calvin to babysit.
Rosalyn is my babysitter hero.
Like losing a child while playing Hide-and-Seek.
But this one scenario came to pass. You ever worry that the animal you are petsitting died? Um. Well, let me tell you that when it happens once, the worry increases. 

I was petsitting two chickens. I let them out into the gated area in the morning, I put them back into the coop at night. When I went back one evening to shoo them into their nesting area for the night, I felt like I entered a crime scene. Feathers were everywhere, the ladder to the coop was on the floor, and one of the chickens was squawking. I peeked into the coop and the other chicken was not in there. Shoots. What happened? I looked around. No blood, just feathers. Then I saw it. In the back corner of the gated area, there was a hole leading to the outside world. I slowly walked towards it and saw that the area was dugged out. Loose grass littered the area and I stood there. I stood there sweating as I thought of what I was to say to the family of six kids, to the parents who bought the chickens, to the oldest child who received the chickens for her birthday. 

I spoke with the parents who told me to keep the live chicken in the coop, but have the window open. Everyday after mind kept on floating back to the poor lone chicken in the coop. Will whatever got the other chicken break into the coop with superanimal strength and strangle that last one too? Gah!

But the owners returned and I have nothing to worry about any more...but I still feel bad. 


Random update: I'm a couple weeks behind on the Bachelorette. The second I logged into Facebook, statuses ruined the surprise. I'm peeved.


  1. Oh noes, for the chicken!! The lady who trades eggs with me said one of her ducks died this week, and it's messed her entire flock up. Nobody is laying and, if they are, the eggs are scattered all through the yard.

  2. dude where do you live? i watch people's dogs, not chickens...

  3. I know! Poor surviving chicken...I feel like she's still in mourning.
    And Kristen, I live in a normal, rural area. For some reason, it's a rising trend among LDS members here to have chickens.

  4. i love calvin and hobbes!!!!!!