August 29, 2011

To the guy on his bike...

To the guy on his bike who I almost knocked off,

I apologize. Honestly, I just woke up and I didn't even see you zooming down the road and by the time I saw you (or rather, heard you...never have I ever heard "Woah!" said with such fear...), I was just like a deer in headlights. I'm sorry I just stood there and I hope I didn't completely ruin your day. Ride safe and I promise to look both ways more thoroughly.

I'm glad this didn't happen.
On another note, I started school today. I'm in the middle of yet another two/three hour break and I hate it. I just want to go to school and be done, but with the classes I'm taking, the best teachers are teaching at these sporadic hours. But hey, now I know that I will have time to blog on Mondays. Maybe.

It's ridiculously hot here. I don't like it at all. Plus, I keep on forgetting that this is a freaking desert so I'm constantly dehydrated. If you see me on campus, no matter where I am, just tell me to drink water. Chances are I just forget to hydrate and I'm just drudging along. Or better yet, remind me to buy a water bottle or something. I just need to drink water....
Also, there was an independent student newspaper here at BYU back in the day that died because of lack of funds. But, it is being revived. Guess who has her own column. That's right. Me. I'm supposed to represent the Asian at BYU (I wonder why...) and it was fun finishing my first article. But anyway, if you want to see this article in all its glory, please donate a little bit. It would stink to have done all this work and not to even have a first copy. So on behalf of BYU's Student Review:

Anyway, lots of love and prayers for my family and friends on the East Coast. Update on my family: they're doing fine. All of my town has no power so that means it will take at least a week to get things running again.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

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  1. I literally lol'ed at your letter to the biker.
    New update: we just got power back 5 minutes ago. woot.