August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene.

Hopefully, you've heard about Hurricane Irene.

So, a couple Sundays ago, we had a whole Sunday school devoted to hurricane preparedness. An area authority of my church felt inspired to talk about it to the congregations in the area. They began the presentation with the statement, "The last major hurricane to hit the NYC area was September 21, 1938." And according to weather patterns and stuff, we were long long long overdue for one. (

I was at the gym today and was gasping for air, not because my cardio workout was too much. It was because I was watching the weather.
While I am here in Utah, my family, friends, my home is in Connecticut. I saw my heart rate soar on my cardio machine.

I had just barely finished storing water for my family before I left for the airport. And the week before I left, I finished their 72-hour kits.

There was also an earthquake in Virginia that my sister felt in Connecticut. I received her text on Tuesday:
Earthquake! The kitchen cabinet was rattling but i though a big truch was just driving by the house Hehe
I had friends in Virginia, but they're all good. They just said that the "house was making some weird noises."

Blah...I'm just worrying right now. Almost every single home in Connecticut is surrounded by trees and power lines.

My East Coast readers, please be safe. Charge your phones, buy water, food, batteries.

I don't know, I may be overreacting, but I'll be praying for you guys anyway.


  1. Yeah, I'm not much of a weather expert, but that graph actually makes me less nervous... I mean... "Catastrophic" XD
    I don't see any white so catastrophies avoided, cha-ching!
    No, there are plenty of trees over there and I also pray for everyone's safety. We can only hope for the best.

  2. (That random number thing up there is me... my google profile decided to hate me today.)