August 8, 2011

Social networking.

I did it. I deactivated my Facebook.
I know, I know. "Why Eden? Why deactivate in the last month of summer?" To be honest, it's so I can see if I can do it. That way, in the middle of the year when I'm swamped with work, I can say to myself, "Hey friend, you were able to survive without Facebook for a bit in the summer, you can do it again."
Me telling (threatening?) myself "You can do it!" in the bathroom mirror, where many pep talks have been given.

Unfortunately, once my main social network was deactivated, a part of me yearned to be connected to the outside world digitally. And it burned within me with such passion, I've taken on more home projects to keep myself off my laptop. For example, I've decided to help my family update their 72-hour kits and food storage in case of hurricanes or, more realistically, zombies (I had another zombie dream except this one was a prequel to my recurring one). Also, I've been working out so I can better outrun the brain-sucking living dead.
But you can tell how well that's going because...
...I stopped working out. I was so good from April till about three weeks ago when the darn heat wave got the best of me. Though good news: I did cardio today because *drumroll* we got air conditioning! It finally happened after ten long hot summers of complaining!
...blogger was calling to me. Do you like what I've done with the blog? I decided I had enough of my "faces" background...apparently, there can be too much of my face.
Too much?
Anyway, so since I've been gone from Facebook (really since Wednesday night), I fixed up by blog, strained my thumb while texting--not really--and went crazy on Twitter--where I decided to follow as many Asians as I can--and on Tumblr--which I now admit I have had since late June ( It's like I'm trying to desperately fill up the time I would have spent on Facebook on other social networks! Blah.

Also, I realize now that you guys probably won't be reading this for another two weeks (when I'll be back in the social network) since I've done all my blog promotion on Facebook. Shoots.

If you are reading this now, you are a fine, loyal follower of mine. I love you. Or I gave in shortly after posting this and decided to reactivate. If this happens, I give you permission to call me a weakling.


  1. Well done Eden. There is such a thing as being addicted to technology. Hope you enjoy rehab!

  2. Oh, many thanks. I need all the support I can get haha

  3. good can be done! look at me! I stopped fb, not entirely deactivate however, and I'm still connected to the people I most care about. by the way, I did read this article that said a human brain is only capable of handling 150 relationships at a time.

  4. That's a really interesting fact, Gaje: 150 relationships? Wow. Facebook told me I can handle more than 500.