April 12, 2011

A ✓ off the Bucket List : Flash mob

I did it.
I participated in a flash mob. 
An Asian flash mob.
Our goal: to raise awareness for Japan. Our solution: purchase, and tell others to purchase, products from Japan. There were tons of NGOs that sprung up after the disaster, and ours seems the safest, best possible route. It would help their economy.

Buy "Made in Japan."

Weeks of lying to my roommates about where I was going can finally end. Actually, they were half-truths, so I really didn't feel bad about it.
"Where are you off to?"
"Oh, Asian Ward family home evening." 
And it was their FHE. I just lied about what we did.
"What did you do at Asian FHE?"
"Oh, we played Sudoku. We also counted rice paddies to tone our math skills." 
(I once overheard someone saying that Asians are good at math because they have to count rice paddies...)
How many can you count?
But you know, I couldn't check participating in a flash mob off my bucket list unless I had witnesses. And so I schemed. How was I going to get my roommates there? I enlisted the help of my friend Rachel who I revealed the secret of the mob to. I racked my brain for ideas. 
Brunch. Eleven AM. Wilk Terrace. And my roommates agreed. I couldn't wait for their reactions.

Then, the night before, we were talking about the brunch. One of my roommates suddenly said, "Hey, I heard that there's going to be a flash mob tomorrow!" Shoot. All my secrets are about to be spilled. "Yeah! And an Asian mob too!" And so the lies continued. I feigned surprise. I pretended to take offense. 
"You would think," I dry-sobbed, "that after weeks of going to their FHE they would mention something." I was just super excited to show it to them. That's all.
My dear and beautiful roommates soaked it all in.

And all the secrets were worth it. The looks on their faces (especially Camille's face haha) as I pulled off my jacket to reveal my matching T-shirt and the smiles they had as I danced my little heart out for Japan.
Unfortunately, three of my roommates were unable to make it...and in the end, I kind of regret not telling them to come see me in a flash mob. But, next time, I will for sure let them know.

Here is the final product (three different videos):
Official video (Wes and Jasmin are in this one.)
Filmed by a BYU student; aerial view
Filmed by another BYU student (I'm in this one, along with Linea, Rachel, Camille, and the Hirschi double.)
Pray for Japan. Buy Made in Japan.

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  1. Haha! I like this! I saw you in the third video as well as Linea cracking up!