April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

My family has never been big on "celebrating" Easter with the Easter baskets, the chocolates, and the rather creepy Easter bunny.
Have you been a good little child this Easter?
I mean, a fat man shimmying his way down chimneys bringing presents is more believable. My parents and the whole world had me fooled. And I believed for the longest time. Why? Because I had the same reasoning as my childhood friend Calvin.
Good logic.
On a semi-related note, I always try to go to the temple on Good Friday. 
Manhattan Temple
This year, I was not able to attend the temple since Illia did not have her recommend with her. So we wandered New York together while we waited for my parents to finish their temple session. I always like going to the temple on Good Friday because it is a perfect time for me to reflect on what was Christ has done for me. He provided us redemption from our sins. He provided us a way back to eternal life with Him and God. He provided us comfort as He has suffered all the pains and afflictions of all those who have been, who are now, and who will be on this earth. 

I hope you have a beautiful Easter. Over here at home (I love home!), it's a little overcast, but it's a wonderful day to go for a walk; I suggest you take one too, if the weather permits. And while on your walk, remember what took place on the first Easter: the resurrection of Christ the Savior, He who rose from and broke the chains of death (Matthew 28John 20). 

Happy Easter, my friends!