April 18, 2011

Finals Week: I'm home in two days.

I started packing Saturday. My roommate, Linea, also recently got a TV for next year for $25 so you can just imagine how much space we have in our little dorm room right now. Linea also brought back all her pottery projects, all of which are super cool and awesome. (I tried pottery once. It failed. Apparently you can water your clay too much to the point where even a little touch can cause your cup to collapse. So I have a lot of respect for people who can manipulate clay into masterpieces.) (Oh, also, I felt like linking you to Wikipedia pages of various words. I really just wanted the red links to add color to my blog.)

Currently, I am sitting on top of my half-packed suitcase with my laptop on a chair in front of me. To my right is my other half-packed suitcase. Behind that is a smaller suitcase half-packed. Underneath my bed are three boxes half-packed. But, you know what? I studied my brains out, finished three of my five finals, and will be finishing my last two tomorrow. So pretty soon, I'll be done and I'll be headed home.
My home, Connecticut
On another note, I made lamingtons today with Crystal. Deliciousness. It was supposed to yield 24 servings. I messed it up though. But they still came out wonderfully. Why lamingtons? Because my favorite YouTube vlogger promised her viewers she would send out a tutorial on how to make them. And that was hundreds of videos ago. And because she didn't come out with a tutorial, I failed at the cake base.

Back to packing and studying.

p.s. new song (Loved You Tonight, John West) in  "Favorite Songs For The Time Being"



  2. Illia, I don't think I've cried harder at any comment in the history of comments. I am so happy!