April 7, 2011

My second attempt at a blog...

I've never really known what to do with a blog. It's like a diary for the whole world or, realistically, for the few followers, to read. But, I was inspired. I've been following my friend's blog for the past couple months and today, she blogged about Britney's new album. (I also got a quick summary of Britney's life.) This led to two things:
1. I listened to clips from "Femme Fatale" for a good half-hour.
2. I began to think, why not? Why not start a blog and just talk about my life and the weird little things about it that make me feel happy?
(Thanks Kristen for influencing me.)

So, from my post title, you'll notice that this is my second attempt at a blog. My first attempt went pretty well for a little bit. It was my sister, Illia, and my blog about our vacation in Hong Kong. Illia never posted, but I was so good at updating. But the day before we went back home, I completely stopped. My two followers probably were wondering where I had gone. Then again, my older sister Worthy and my friend April were the only two that read my blog and they figured out pretty soon that I didn't fall off the face of the earth.

My new blog title: at first, it was a really beautiful, ambiguous lyric from a song I've been obsessing over for the last two days, but when I looked up the meaning of the phrase, I was shocked at how perverse it actually was. And so I scrolled through my iTunes Library. I've finally settled on a song that I used to listen every morning to get me pumped about starting the day:
"Barlights" - fun.
I often found myself singing along as I pull my pants on. "And I...feel aliveeee, feeeel aliiiiiiiiiveeee!!!"
It seems like a really cliched, generic title, but hey, whenever I read it, I sing the song. And I imagine a gospel choir singing along with me.

"Me, I'm gonna live forever."

Update: May 1, 2011--Obviously, I changed the blog title. I used Mumford & Sons' "Awake My Soul," which just soothes the spirit with its simple accompaniment, its beautiful lyrics, and its moments of sustained notes that just tug at my soul in hopes that it will wake and see the world it is living in.


  1. what can i say; i feel honored ;)

    can't wait for more posts!

  2. I notice you're using the same background as the previous blog.