April 3, 2013


This topic has been a long time coming.

Korean Pop. I never understood the appeal, then Gangnam Style came out, garnering almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube and I was like, this is so ridiculous, it's good. And I participated in a spoof myself (I come into focus at 3:06).

It didn't last for me, though. I just wanted to know what they were saying so bad, and I wasn't committed enough to look up everything they were saying. They threw English words and phrases in the midst of their Asian that really didn't make sense...or maybe it does, I don't know. All you non-Korean K-pop lovers, do you really know what they're saying? Or are you just diggin' the beat? Their music videos, yes, are very cute with their coy smiles, their adorable winks, the strategic tracing every so often of their flawless faces, the tilting of their dainty heads...

And of course, when I was Hong Kong over the Christmas break, it turned out that my cousin's son was in love with Girls' Generation. And then, my younger sister revealed that she also loved Girls' Generation. There are nine of them. NINE. I mean, I can't even work with more than four people on a class project without the fear of losing my voice, imagine fighting eight other people to literally have your voice heard.
This reminds me of kittens. A room full of the most adorable kittens in the entire world. Also, Duffy, anyone?

And this...talk about trying to get equal face time. I counted nine, then eleven, then ten. I don't know. So many elements to this song too. Goodness, I can't tell what they want me to think.

And this. I'm getting a really strong Dragon Ball Z / general anime vibe from this.

Update two hours after starting this post: Okay, okay. Forgive me, I've been a skeptic. While I've been writing this post, I've been listening to more and more and more and more and I have to say, I think I might be converted. Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby," the third time around, really catches on. Oh my, what a journey I've just been through.

I'd like to thank what pushed me to look into K-pop again. This video, or what I like to call Pitch Perfect's alternate ending: if Kimmy Jin would just be Beca's friend.

These days, you gots to be Asia. Embrace K-pop, my friends. Embrace it like I did.


  1. I'm glad you embraced K-pop because it's different from any other kind of music out there. Just because one doesn't know what they're saying doesn't mean you don't have to judge it. A lot of non-Korean fans know what they're saying more often than myself because I don't take the time to even read the lyrics in Korean.

    Although, I will say that I still don't understand why k-pop is so huge internationally....it's a mystery I'm trying to figure out.

    1. You and me both, Yunnie. Who would have thought that K-pop would be so mysterious and mesmerizing? Oh goodness...