April 17, 2013

An email from the future.

Monday evening, Eden sat at the table with her books scattered about. She was leaning heavily on her left arm, her hand clutching at the roots of her hair as her other hand restlessly shook her pen against her textbook. Too many characters to memorize before Saturday. 她要會去睡覺。

"This final will be the death of me," she muttered under her breath.

Amidst the mumbling and grumbling, Eden's phone started buzzing, startling her as it disrupted the silence. Apparently, AIM was still alive and well and now allowed texting. It simply stated that she "received a txt from an AOL/AIM user." 

The message?

"Check your junk and spam mail...your first task is waiting." 

Eden started freaking out. What the heck was going on. How did this person get her number and her email? Privacy is dead and pretty soon, she was going to die. That's how it was in the movies, right? Some form of privacy is breached and then the victim dies. She was going to die.

This didn't stop her though. No, not Eden. She delved into her spam folder and found an email from an Eden Wen. Same username, just different service...

Eden looked up from the email. So many questions left unanswered. AOL makes a comeback? But how? Google's algorithm is unmatchable and only Bing was able to come close to it. Wen-Taylor? Eden scanned her memories for men whose last names were Taylor...and maybe potentially women too (who knows where life was going to take her)? She must avoid them all if she wanted to be happy. What kind of disarray is the world going to fall into?

Oh, get it together Eden. This isn't real. So the important question is who wrote this? Who knew that it was her bike out front? Who knew where she lived??

She shook her head. "C'mon Eden, real or not, this is going to be an awesome adventure," she said to herself.

She realized then what she needed to do. She needed to comply and complete the tasks as instructed. The future of the universe is in Eden's hands.

I suppose I could just take a photo of the bottle and post it for you to see, but let's avoid the hassle. Basically, it's a Sprite bottle with holes melted into the upper part of the bottle. I just finished this task minutes ago and now I await a response from my future self.

Also, can I comment on how often I'm blogging nowadays? That's right, second day in a row. We'll all see how long I can keep this up.

I hope all your finals are going well, my friends. As you can tell, my week has a bit of a buffer to keep my mind off failing. Here is my buffer for you.

I hope you have a best day.

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