August 8, 2014

Chat adventures.

Sometimes a chat conversation at work gets...dramatic.

Space Adventure with Wes and Eden

Wes: r u excited about your space adventure tomorrow?
Eden: i am very excited!!!!!
           are you excited to pew pew aliens and enemy spacecraft?
W: yah
      also nervous
      what if i fail at my job?
      and the mission explodes...
      *console me*
E: we picked you because you are a capable, strong man.
     you scored the highest at the academy and we wouldn't allow anyone but the best
W: but i also scored highest in eccentricity and insecurity
      the scores don't lie eden
      ill never be normal/confident enough to lead a mission
      no matter how wise and mysterious of a mentor you are
E:  that only means you're teachable, young one
      as we accomplish smaller missions, your confidence will grow
      and in several years, you will be the captain of your own space crew
      and you find a boy at the academy who was just like you and you will make him a man like i will make you
W: thanks eden
      you always know just what to say
      you're not like any space commander i've ever had
      you're so
      let's make out
      om nom nom
      after i finish my sandwich
      nom nom nom
E:  let me know when you're ready (applies chapstick)
W:  Yay im done with my sandwich  
E: let's do this
     om nommer nom nom  
W: it was an anchovy, garlic, pickle, old mayonaise, blue cheese sandwich.
      get over here
E:  ugh
      here, before anything more (gives you mouthwash)  
W: (drinks mouthwash)
      this isn't mouthwash
      this is toxic alien juice!
      I'm dyingggg
      quick, find the antidote!!!  
E: ahhh! hold on!!
     (rummages through bookcase)
     (rummaging through mini fridge)
     (rummaging through EVERYTHING!)
     AH! I found it!!
     Here! Quick! Drink it!  
W: weak..
E:  (hands over vial labeled "antidote")
      (uncorks vial, sticks a straw in it)
W:  eden....
      that's fast acting!
E: phew...
W: That's why Johnson brand Antidote is the only brand I trust
E: yeah, i made it myself
W: oh
E: oh
W: (dies)
      wes, no...nooooo
      (slaps wes' face)
      wes...i...never got to say...
      made out with mike
      (drops her head into hands)
      i'm so sorry
W: (opens eyes slowly)
      (dies again)
E:  (sob)
      (guards walk in, drag body away)

Thanks for reading my first publicized post in a very long time. I'm going to try and blog more oftennnnnnnnnn. (Maybe)

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