July 6, 2014

Joy of Heaven.

In response to a month of sadness, my dad wrote:
[ . . . ] One thing that I want you to know, and that is, we must not underestimate the joy of heaven. Consider 3rd Nephi. In Chapter 10, upon the annihilation of the wicked Nephites, Christ was lamenting their destruction and loss. Indeed, great was His loss, as He had to send so many of them to their eternal damnation. And yet, atmost 3 days later, in Chapter 17:20, after seeing the righteousness of the survivors, and praying to the Father, He told the righteous Nephites, that His joy was full. How is that possible? The destruction of so many souls that He loved and died for happened so recently. How can He be joyful, not to mention, fully joyful, again just a few chapters later?

The answer, Eden, I think is that hell, with all its fury and sadness, is infinitely small compared to heaven. Hell has no power to deprive Heaven of its Joy!

Den, though hell is a sad place, and we’re experiencing some of it, let not your heart be set on it sadness. Let your heart instead be set on the Joy of Heaven! [ . . . ]
This is a gospel of truth with a plan of happiness. Christ lives, He loves us and He will never leave us alone.


  1. It seems like your Dad is a pretty deep and wise person. Makes some sense as to where you get some of your smarts. Are we all going to have so much fun this Fall?

    1. Jeffrey! I just saw this comment. Yes! Yes, we will have ALL the fun this Fall. I'm so glad you and your brother live so close by.