July 24, 2013

Food bloggin'.

Guess what. I guest blogged. On a restaurant review blog. And it was awesome because I finally had an excuse to go out to eat. You can read it here and check out other reviews.

And I'm reposting it here too. Just because. Also, don't judge my reviewing skills. This was my first time review a restaurant. And I just usually like all foods. (The real pro at reviewing is our very own guest blogger Sam. How I wish Yelp could show all your wonderful reviews.)


Readers of this blog. Hello. I am Eden Wen. I was asked to contribute and I thought to myself, “Yes. A perfect excuse to eat out this week.” And I knew the perfect place to go to.

However, on my way to review my favorite Mexican restaurant, Emmanuel’s (if Ian lets me do another review, I’ll do it on that piece of heaven on earth), I bumped into two friends who told me that I must go to Stan’s instead. And conveniently, it was across the street from Emmanuel’s on 9th East, so I obliged.

On the outside, it looks like any other burger joint. But, I have to say, I was very confused walking in. I was bombarded with several menus and the interior was not the most comfortable. And not only was Stan not there, unless one of the three East Indian women was Stan, he is apparently an Indian man with a love for greasy American foods.

Looking at these menus, you quickly realize you have all sorts of all-American stuff to chose from: shakes, burgers, fries, chicken fingers.

I, being quite hungry, went for the pastrami burger with fries and a Coke.

And it was great. It really was. (I also think that I should go into photographing food. Look at how good that is!) Whilst the cast of Seinfeld looked down on me, as their pictures were in frames, hanging from the wall, I gorged myself on the wonderful, juicy burger, the pickles and pastrami tasting pleasant and perfect in my mouth. And although their fries were nothing spectacular, their fry sauce made up for the starchy American/French side.

All in all, it was a good burger joint. And I think I would go back just because there was so much of a selection, I would be too curious to pass up another visit to Stan’s.



  1. That picture is more than professional. I want to hang it in my office someday.

  2. Stan sold the place to that family years and years ago. They have some of the best food there. We should go sometime.

  3. I love this place. The gyros are so dang gooood.