February 15, 2012

Some nights.

Some nights....some nights I think too much....I'll get to that in a second.

Onto Some Nights. fun. just released a free streaming of their not-yet-released album. I've listened to it multiple times already and I absolutely love love love love love this song. (And I apologize for the f-bomb in there.)

First, some comments on the musicality:

2:07 - 2:34 ish is what I love the most about Nate Ruess. He just gets so personal in his songs and isn't afraid to talk about his fears. I also love that he sings about his parents a lot.

3:11 ish. I have to admit, I was really thrown off by the autotune, was sad for a couple minutes, but after listening to it a couple more times, I think Nate uses it to his advantage. I mean, in "Be Calm," about every 15-30 seconds, he switches up the song. The autotune created another instrument out of his unique and wonderful voice.

Now onto deeper thoughts:

I don't know. I just love this song. I think it's because I can kinda relate. Not in the way where he doesn't know who he is in the music business, but in the sense that honestly, some nights, I don't know......some nights, I also ask myself, "What do I stand for?"

In an era of conflicting and passionate ideas all throughout the spectrum, when one side says one thing and the other another, it's easy to just cover my ears, hum to myself and merely watch from the sidelines.

I realize now that I need to pick a side. And after thinking aloud, having a fervent prayer in my heart and being with a great friend--a best friend, I know now what I have to do, what I stand for.

I only pray that God provides me with the strength to see it through, to help me stand firm in my convictions.

I love you, my friends.

(I realize that I could have expounded and gone deeper...apologies if you were expecting more.)

Good night.

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