February 4, 2012

Look out Provo, here comes Eden.

My friends. The time has come.

My training wheels have...arrived.

So yes, I have blogged many times about my new bike and how one day I will ride it once I've gotten over my fear.

That one day is one day closer.

Pretty soon I'll be zooming around Provo on my bike. And I will not be afraid. I have found comfort and inspiration from the words of this little boy.
Even with an orchestra and bagpipes and such, why is it that background music makes anything that much more exciting?
Though, confession: I think the bagpipes can be very beautiful. Also, they remind me of "Braveheart."

Anyway, I'm stoked about riding my bike finally. I've teased Utah enough with even the mere thought of riding my bike. There's no snow, so there's little chance I will slip. And pretty much, I will never fall, since I have wheels on both sides to protect me. 

Now, I know that by having such bicycle accessories may bring about three different reactions:
  1. "Aw, Eden! Good for you! You can do it!" (Complete with back pats.)
  2. "Really Eden? Really?" (With eyebrows raised.)
I know this because when I have told people about my training wheels, these were the only reactions I got.

Finger pointing wasn't necessary, friends. But I still love you.

Have a good day, everyone. Here is a song for you.

p.s. Check out The Calendar Owl.


  1. That video was amazing. You can do it Eden!

    P.S. Love the new background/header/layout. :)