December 17, 2013

It's December.

It's December.

Thank goodness.

This was perhaps one of the busiest semesters in my entire college career thus far. And to be honest, I've burnt out. Perhaps going to school spring and summer was not a good idea because everything has been rather bland to me. School, work, people, music--they all were routine. And it wasn't until these last couple weeks of this semester that I started feeling like myself again.

We were planning on going to Colorado two weekends ago to see Trevor Hall and Nahko and Medicine for the People and I thought that that would lift my mood. But the snow put an end to our plan very quick, and I was a bit bummed, but somewhat relieved because I had too much to do.

That same Saturday we were going to see Trevor and Nahko, I went to see Isaac Russell at the Velour. I think he is a brilliant artist and although it wasn't the best concert I've been too, "Heaven" had me feeling again. That, and Isaac's guitarist who looks like a bearded Ben Wyatt/Adam Scott. And I love Ben.

(This was from the same concert I attended. Thank you to n8hankins for recording this.)

Ben Wyatt/Adam Scott

One other thing that helped me keep going this semester is my new project, The Couch Series. If you're reading this, chances are you've already seen my posts about it. Basically, we film weekly music segments and monthly interviews of the creative people in Provo. Subscribe. It has greatness in store for it and I'm not just saying that. Nicolle and I have grand plans for this. Stay tuned.

Anyway friends, I hope you are well. I feel like my blog posts have taken on a rather somber tone. I promise to be better about that. I'm still funny. I just haven't had something happen that I can fan fic.

...I should get back to studying...

But this upcoming semester--my last semester--is going to be epic. I can feel something a-brewing...

I love you all.

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