May 31, 2013

Happy birthday Nicolle.

Dearest Nicolle,

Today is your birthday. I have yellow tulips in hand and have lit some candles for you. I wish you a beautiful day in Malawi as I celebrate here in America with people who love you.

I also made you a video. But first, here is the blooper take. And yes, that is a cardboard cutout of a horse. You said I couldn't have cats in the apartment while I am living here, so some friends brought over a horse for company. Perhaps I should name her Grace or Majesty...or Debbie.

But I digress. Onto the blooper take.

And here is the actual video.

I hope your birthday is great and that the beginning of your 21st year starts with much excitement and happiness. 

With much love,
Mystery (who was sadly taken away by said friends)


  1. I enjoyed your video. And then I thoroughly enjoyed Camille's cookie critiques. Haha how did I not know about these?

    1. HAHAH! That's because the Cookie Critiques weren't meant to be seen...oops...ha

  2. This is the greatest. I have shown EVERYONE these videos... it is getting weird. one of my friends here said she had a dream about you...that is how much I talk about you. Thank you. I love this. I love all four of you so much. thank you

    1. Hahaha I love you, Nicolle. We all love you.