November 8, 2011

Music, and Musings of Eden: 11/7/11

by Eden Wen
Frozen in time, closed off from worlds
All I can hear are dissonant chords
That resonate soundly from shadows of my past
But it’s time I renew my life so it can begin at last.

Unable to find a place where I could belong.
Each group I chose to enter just always seemed wrong.
Old friendships die (though tonight one proven true),
New friendships too young; I'm lingering in limbo, and nothing can soothe.

I compare myself to others, I acknowledge this flaw
So when they achieve wonders, I sit in awe
Feeling that time is slipping, passing me by
And I feel I can do nothing but sit and cry.

I wish I could run, fly away from my troubles
And leave my yesterdays and escape mounds of rubble.
But, alas, I am here, alive in the present
With only two goals: beating time and regaining acceptance.
Written on 11/7/11

This poem may or may not be about me. And it may or may not be about Aang, the last airbender.
But just maybe.

Moving on.

Two things.
One. On the fifth of November, I watched "V For Vendetta." It was a pretty awesome film about censorship and such. I love dystopian novels (love love love Kurt Vonnegut) so this movie was right up my alley. But here's the funny thing: we had watched the edited version and they completely cut out one of the prisoner's life stories and they didn't cut out the violently graphic scenes (those make me queasy). She was arrested because of the sole reason that she was homosexual. And the editing company edited it out. And it wasn't even explicit. Ironic. Really ironic.

Two. I love Singaporeans with every fiber of my being to the point where I actually kind of want to be one. Everytime I'm with them, I feel happy. I never really understood their accent before, but after weekly dinners with my sister and brother-in-law (who is Singaporean), it's grown on me and I enjoy just listening to them talk.

And insanity, you guys! I'm starting to be consistent in my blogging! Here's a song to celebrate.
I honestly love fun. with all my heart. And adding Janelle Monae is the cherry on the sundae. Just look at their beautiful smiles and listen to their beautiful voices.

Also, I'm going to go see City and Colour this weekend!
Gah! So excited!

I only need to go through this stress-filled week. Yay. 

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