September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn!

Currently, I'm trying to breeze through this blogpost because I just received my email from Pottermore and heck, I am spending the rest of the day on it (after homework, of course, like the responsible Asian student that I am).

Quick life update: I started work today at the Blue Line Deli in the Tanner Building (visit me). Not bad for the first day, though it was kind of hectic. And it is inevitable: everytime I wear white pants, I will always spill something onto it. Also, it gets super hot there, yes it does.
This was me. But not wasn't that bad.
Also, I joined the Asian Ward. Officially. Papers and records are IN.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival. I was reading up on the traditions on Wikipedia and I came across some customs I didn't know before so I'm guessing you never known either. I shall educate you:

1. Eating mooncake. Let's be honest: I knew about this because it involves one of three things that I love and are almost always at Chinese festivals (food, money/redpackets, and lanterns). I have a huge mooncake sitting in my pantry now calling to me. And when I say "sitting in my pantry," I mean "in my hands about to be devoured."
2. Matchmaking. I think of Mulan everytime. And a little of The Fiddler on the Roof.
3. Carrying brightly lit lanterns. I have lanterns. And birthday candles.
But not really. Because I'm safe.
4. Burning incense for deities. 
5. Dragon Dances.
6. Celebrating the fullest and brightest moon of the year.

So go out and enjoy the moon tonight. It should be beautiful.

And here is an unrelated song for you to enjoy as I close.

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