July 21, 2011

Harry Potter. It's all over.

This is me...as Harry Potter.
I wrote this as my Facebook status soon after I dressed up and looked at myself in the mirror: 
after seeing the final product of myself dressed as harry potter, i've decided that i'm changing my costume to "the child of cho chang and harry potter had they gotten together and if scars were inheritable."
By the end of the night, I sweated my scar off. Maybe I shouldn't have dressed up two hours before I left for the theatre. But hey, it was a hectic night.
1. I spent more time than was necessary to perfect my scar. It's hard to draw just looking in the mirror and trying to figure out which way the lightening bolt was supposed to be drawn.
2. I have no air conditioning in my house meaning I'm sweating even if I'm just eating dinner.
3. Mackenzie and I got to the theatre and the line went out the back entrance. And it's hot under my graduation gown (which was my Hogwarts robe).
4. We realized that the staff was cracking down that night and forcing people to sit in their assigned theatre. I was 9, Mackenzie was 5. The others that were coming were 8, 5, and 9.
5. After Mackenzie went in to grab seats, we were asked to pose by some people.
Oh gosh. I just realized how short I really am.
5. Everyone snuck into 5. Sorry Keasha, if you're reading this...I know you told me not to.
6. For the next two hours, we watched other Harry Potter films on my laptop. And got snacks.
7. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two" began.

It was a phenomenal ending and goodbye to a beautiful legacy and childhood.

I admit, I did not cry as much as I did in "Part 1," but that was probably due to the fact that the lady two seats to my right sniffled and sobbed so loud, it killed the mood for me. Also, I prepped myself before I came to the movies. I stood in front of the mirror and said (spoiler alert to anyone who cares), "Eden, calm down. You know there'll be death in this film. Fred, Lupin, Tonks. Dobby and Hedwig are already gone. Deep breaths." A single tear rolled down my cheek.

"Deathly Hallows," both parts, were done so beautifully. Longbottom and Luna, Ron and Hermione--ah, both couples just make me giddy. Voldemort's anguish and fear as he felt each horcrux that was destroyed brought feelings of joy within me. The hug he gave Draco when he thought he was going back to the dark side made me giggle at Voldemort's naiveness: Silly Voldemort, Malfoys love their family. Snape's memory was the one part that really brought me to tears. The disbelief he had when he realized that Dumbledore had saved Harry in order to let him die at the opportune moment broke my heart as you realize that Snape did love Harry (though mainly because Harry was Lily's child). And when he scoped out the Lily's situation after Voldemort attacked, I felt my heart break as he held Lily in his arms.

I don't know...sorry this isn't really a great review. I can't really put what I feel in words. On one hand, it was just so amazing that I can't really describe how I felt about it, but on the other hand, I know I feel like I've been robbed and left with nothing. My childhood is over. Am I expected to grow up?

Either way, mischief managed. Goodbye Harry. I'll visit you sometime soon.


  1. none of the hp movies made me cry. except this one. snape made me cry a lot.

  2. I'm sure somebody has written a fanfiction concerning your character.
    Now you just need to stop being a muggle.
    GLWT (Good Luck With That)

  3. yeah that lady sniffling was really annoying haha.... and I was supposed to be in 9 I believe? sorrrrrryyyyyyyyy keasha... haha. PS - is that picture or us on fb? I'm thinking profile picture... haha

  4. I shall post the picture on Facebook...now.