June 9, 2011

New and old music obsessions: Dia Frampton and Coldplay

First, the new. Dia Frampton.

I've listened to and liked her stuff before in Meg & Dia, but her blind audition and her battle round didn't blow me away (I also personally felt everyone in the battle rounds did not do well overall). Tuesday night on "The Voice" changed everything and I jumped on the bandwagon. I love Dia Frampton.
(the video I had embedded didn't end up embedding...but this video is worth watching for sure.)

Second, the old. Coldplay.
I had no other reason to put up this picture except for the fact that it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
In other words, they're really attractive.
Coldplay, who I love with great passion and have an undying loyalty to, came out with a new single last week.
Coldplay is definitely evolving, but even in Viva la Vida, they hearkened back to their own unique style, to the style that I found in Parachutes, their first and my favorite album. It was this album that made me love them.
I continued to find more and more favorites, but I've finally settled on one:
But then I heard "Reign of Love" (note that I also love "Lovers in Japan") and I am still torn between these two songs.
I think it's Chris Martin's distinguishable voice, beautiful falsetto, and movingly expressive lyrics that has me listening to him for hours and waiting anxiously for the day Coldplay's new album is released.

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  1. No way. Warning Sign is one of my very favorite Coldplay songs too! Parachutes is deff. my favorite album and I wish they'd do more stuff like that.
    Love them.