May 23, 2011

A couple realizations.

First realization: Rapture does not mean a zombie apocalypse, even though I have had recurring nightmares about such an event. I have to admit, when the news stated that Rapture was to be on May 21, 2011, all I could think of was "AHHH ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!" Apparently, the CDC thought the same.

And no, the recurring nightmares were not because I played Plants vs. Zombies for two hours straight before going to bed.
Best game ever.
My second realization happened on my way to a babysitting job. I pulled up to the gated driveway and found that the darn gates won't open. I looked to my right and saw the Hollywood sign (sorry, I had the urge to quote my on-and-off guilty pleasure); I looked to my left and found the keypad with a "Call" button underneath. I rolled down my window, reached out, and came to an awful realization--my arm was too short.
Quick fact: "Meet the Robinsons" is one of my favorite films.
It's also my comfort movie.
No matter how I positioned myself, I was always an inch away from the call button. I even unbuckled myself, kneeled on the seat, and had half my body dangling out the window. I was STILL off by a quarter of an inch.
Fairly accurate reenactment in my driveway and edited with the help of Mac Paintbrush.
On a completely different note (I feel like I change topics often in my posts...), I attempted art again. This time, instead of melting candles, I melted crayons.
Untitled...for now.
It's a bird. Can you see it? To the left of the big white blob, which I kind of regret including, is its top beak and the blob is covering the bottom beak. I hope you can see it. I saw it...but only after my dad pointed out that it looked like a rooster. Is that how abstract artists do things? Do they just create a mumble-jumble of something and show it to their closest buddies and the first thing that pops into their heads, that's what it is? (Was that sentence even grammatically correct?) It's like a weird twist off the Rorschach test.

It's untitled for now, but like my last art pieces, I'll have other people name it. So leave a comment below and help me name my bird/whatever-you-see and why you named it that. I really enjoy reading other people's insights on my work.

Now here's a nice video for you to enjoy at the close of this post: ("I Hope This Gets To You," The Daylights)

On a quick, more serious note, pray for Joplin, Missouri and those affected by the tornado. 

p.s. I finally put up a picture of my lamingtons. They'll be waiting for you (ahem, Kristen) in my last post.

p.p.s. August 10, 2011 UPDATE: my then guilty pleasure is no more. I saw a picture of her participating in one of my biggest pet peeves as an Asian. So goodbye Miley. Though I still like "The Climb," I now officially disowned you. 


  1. Realization: You are one of my favorite people and I plan on hanging around you to the point of annoyance next year.

  2. 1. I am a fan of that plan.
    2. I always felt we had a special, secret connection.